Realtor Design Partnership Program Terms and Conditions

Designs & Inspirations (D&I)/Bilancia Interiores provides clients with 3D eDesign services for residential, commercial, and civic applications. Both entities will be referred to in the below agreement as D&I or The Company. An authorized officer/agent of the participating Realtors/Brokerages must read and agree with the below. Signing up for the Partnership Program constitutes Agreement with the Terms herein. 


D&I offers the Real Estate Community the opportunity to partner with The Company for the purpose of providing buyers of home/retail space with top-quality Interior Design services. Participating Realtors/Brokers agree to refer clientele to D&I's services on a non-exclusive basis.

Upon successful receipt of payment from the client to D&I, the Realtor/Brokerage will receive 10% of the design project's total revenue. The below table gives a sample of expected revenue for each project. The minimum square footage for a project to be considered for compensation under this Program is 1,200 square feet. 

Property Square Footage Total Project Revenue Realtor Revenue
1,200 $6,000 $600
3,000 $15,000 $1500
10,000 $50,000 $5000


This agreement will persist indefinitely unless terminated in writing by either of the parties. It may be terminated for any reason; however, termination will not impact payments that are due to either party. 


Nothing in this program should be interpreted as creating an exclusive relationship between D&I and any Realtor/Brokerage. The Partnership is limited to this program and does not give participating parties any interest in the ownership, management, or operations of one another's companies.   

D&I has discretion on whether or not to assume a project. Common reasons for not taking a project include but are not limited to: The Company's workload not being able to accommodate additional design work or the project being at a size and scope that is beyond D&I's ability to assume. 

Participating Realtors/Brokers will only be compensated in accordance with the total revenue for design costs. This agreement does not include any revenue accrued by D&I by selling furniture, fixtures, or other décor items to the client. It does not include subsequent projects with the client or the client's referrals to D&I. 


It is the responsibility of the Realtor/Brokerage to fully disclose participation in and revenues from this program to clients as required by Law or Regulation in the participating Agent's/Broker's National, State, or other Licensing/Regulatory Body. D&I will be held blameless for any failure of the Agent/Broker to disclose participation. Failure to disclose to a client as required will result in termination from the Program and may be reported to regulatory bodies. 

US Realtors: Please refer to Article 6 of the REALTOR® Code of Ethics, which requires timely notification to potential clients of the expected financial incentive the Realtor/Brokerage will receive for referring potential clients to outside services.

Limited Licensure

Participating Realtors/Brokers may use D&I's logos and materials to market to clients and may identify themselves as partnered entities. Use of The Company's branding should be consistent with D&I's prevailing style and should not be directly associated with social/political campaigns or causes. Rights of use will cease with the termination of this agreement. 


Any disputes or arbitration that arise will be handled in the court system of the US State of Georgia. 

Changes to Agreement

Participating Realtors/Brokers will be notified of significant changes to these terms via email. What constitutes a significant change is in the discretion of The Company. 


Modified on 11/20/2022 Terms Subject to Change without Notice