Trade Program Terms

  1. General

By purchasing the D&I Trade Insider Program, you acknowledge and agree to the following binding agreement between you, the Buyer, and Designs and Inspirations (the Company). Please read the below in full. The membership fee is non-refundable. If you are purchasing this program on behalf of a Company, you affirm that you have the legal right to accept agreements on behalf of the Company with which you are affiliated.

       2. Free Trade Membership Program Scope

The Trade Program is only available for trade professional organizations. This program is free upon sign-up and offers:


     3. Trade Insider Membership Program Purchase Procedure 

To complete sign-up to the D&I Trade Program, fill out the entire form on the D&I Trade page. You will receive your own custom code within 24 hours in your email. Remember to check your Spam Folder. If you do not receive your code, contact customer support at This code must be used every time you place your order or the discount will not be applied.

If you forget your coupon code, either email or send a text message (additional charges may apply subject to your cell phone carrier) to 1-912-200-2290 with "Coupon Code + Your Email and Last Name."

  1. Trade  Membership Program Explanation of Benefits

The following applies to the benefits offered under “Membership Program Scope” above.

20% Discount. You will receive a 20% discount off of selected items over $4500 excluding furniture and design services. The retail price is located next to the "Compare At" price, which is lined-out. The discount you will receive is 20% off of the non lined-out price.

In the below example, the retail price is $7,027.12.

20% off of this price is 5,621.69, which is the amount you would be charged after entering in your discount code. Remember, you must enter in your discount code for the 20% discount to be applied!

 Items Not Included.  Design services are not discounted under the Trade Insider Program and Program Fees are not included. Sale items do not receive an additional member discount that would exceed a total of 20% off of the retail price. Luxury furniture is excluded; however will be tax exempt.

  • Custom Products. Custom products will not receive a discount. 
  • Transfer and Assignment. Membership in the D&I Trade Program is not transferrable to any other individual, group, company, or agency. The discount code itself is the property of Designs and Inspirations and is issued to the buyer under a limited licensure for the duration of the membership period. Transferring this code to a non-authorized recipient(s) is a violation of these terms and may result in a non-refundable revocation of the buyer’s membership or legal action at the discretion of the Company. Codes may only be shared within a single company unit's officers, contractors, or employees in the execution of their official business for said company.
  • Relationship to Company. Membership does not confer upon the buyer any rights of ownership, contract, or employment in relation to Designs and Inspirations and its affiliates. Members of the D&I Trade Insider Program remain customers and subject only to the rights and preferences outlined under the section titled “Membership Program Scope” above.
  1. Exceptions

Exceptions to the above terms and conditions are binding on the customer and are not alterable without express written permission from a D&I Company Officer.

  1. Liability

Designs and Inspirations and its affiliates are not liable in accordance with the D&I Terms of Service sections 13, 14, and 15

  1. Whole Agreement

The above constitutes the whole agreement and may be altered at any time by Designs and Inspirations without notice. If the program terms it is the responsibility of the member to check the terms.

Updated 11/20/2022 Subject to change without notice.